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Spring and Transport Needs Manufacturing Co. Filiale de la société de portefeuille des industries chimiques Filiale du ministère des Entreprises

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Our dear guest

You are always welcome to YAYAT website. YAYAT is one of the oldest and biggest Companies for manufacturing all kinds of springs in Egypt. YAYAT was established in 1958. Over the past years several improvements and developments were introduced and became a company has the prerequisite for Success with various high productivity and superior quality through getting international quality certificates which led to achieve customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve market needs from various kinds of springs with the required quality compatible with international standards and customer requirements with competitive prices.

Nos produits

Produits en papier YAYAT


  • Leaf Spring for some minibus companies
  • Leaf Spring for railway cars
  • Leaf Spring for some buses companies

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YAYAT produits en spirale


  • Helical Spring for 1/4 Suzuki Van and Pickup vehicles
  • Helical Spring for Locomotives and railway cars
  • Helical Spring for all industrial purposes and machines

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 Produits de plaquettes de frein


  • Brake lining for Daewoo bus
  • Brake lining for trailer truck
  • Brake lining for small tonnage truck

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Des usines


2050 tonnes

an L’usine est équipée des derniers équipements pour produire toutes sortes de parcs en papier 


Usine de ressorts en spirale

300 tonnes

 an L’usine est équipée des derniers équipements et équipements pour produire toutes sortes de spirales chaudes et froides YAYAT

Usine de plaquettes de frein

240 tonnes

L’usine est équipée des derniers équipements et équipements permettant de produire des plaquettes de frein sans amiante pour tous les types de poids lourds, camions et autobus