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Safety and occupational health of the company

Occupational safety and health is of utmost importance to the company to protect all workers as well as the facilities and the company’s premises from accidents, injuries, damage and damage – as well as preserving the environment inside and around the company as a binding social role for the company The company exerts every effort and determination in all directions and levels to meet all the requirements of laws and regulations that clarify and regulate occupational safety and health – through:

1 – Providing all the means and tasks of prevention and personal protection of workers in different places and according to what they do work
2 –   The company’s factories, warehouses and departments are equipped with various and modern means of fire fighting alarm equipment and obtained the approval of civil protection to ensure the protection, security and safety of the company’s facilities of all risks and fire and then the approval of local authorities to license work and contracting with specialized companies for maintenance and repair in accordance With legislation and government decisions  
3 – Conducting environmental measurements on a continuous and periodic basis by the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health Studies in Hijaz
4 – Continuing training for all employees in excess of the specified law in the civil protection headquarters for all fire fighting and hazards
5 – The company has a certificate of safety and health professional – from Intertek International

Health care of The company

The company believes and appreciates and appreciates that the human element and all employees with different qualifications, levels of work and functions represent a great supportive and motivated force to achieve their goals and ambitions now And future

In order to achieve this, the employees of the company must be at a high level of physical and psychological health. This is achieved. The company ensures the care of all workers and equal access to comprehensive and comprehensive health care through:

1 - There is a specialized doctor and efficient to detect the clinic of the company
2 - The company has an appropriate clinic for first aid until the transfer to the hospital
3 - There is a modern ambulance and equipped to speed the transfer of patients to hospitals
4 - Contracting with the laboratories of analysis and radiation centers and hospitals with medical efficiency at the highest level and consultants in all disciplines and modern pharmacies to dispense medicine
5 - The company performs a periodic disclosure on all employees in cooperation with the health insurance and take medical measures in cases that appear - and lead to the absence of occupational diseases in the company